1. Introduction
  2. Prerequistes
  3. Set Environment Variables
  4. Setup SSH daemon
  5. Download hadoop and place it in the home directory.
  6. Unpack hadoop
  7. Configure Hadoop
  8. Format the namenode
  9. Setup hadoop plugin
  10. Start the cluster
  11. Setup hadoop location
  12. Upload data
  13. Create and run a test project.
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Hadoop is a powerful framework that allows for automatic parallelezation of computing task. Unfortunately programming for it poses certain challenges, namely it is really hard to understand and debug Hadoop programs. One way to easy things a little bit is to have a simplified version of the hadoop cluster that could run locally on the developer's machine. This tutorial describes how to set-up such cluster on the computer running Microsoft Windows, also it describes how to integrate this cluster with the Eclipse development environment. Eclipse is a prime environment for Java development.

How this tutorial is organized.

Since hadoop is very complex environment I broke this tutorial down into several smaller steps. Each step involves setting up some aspect of the system and ways to verify that these actions were executed correctly. For the purposes of better understanding each tutorial is accompanied by the screenshots and a recorded video of the steps.


Questions, Suggestions Comments

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