OWL-S Editor plug-in for Protege

December 8th, 2004

SRI has released the OWL-S Editor, a Protege plug-in providing an environment for creating and editing OWL-S service descriptions. It features:

  • Visual drag and drop composite process editor.
  • Graphical overview of the main parts of the OWL-S ontology. See how your Service/Process/Profile/Grounding instances relate to one another.
  • WSDL Import. Generate a skeletal OWL-S description automatically from a WSDL file.
  • Developed as a plugin to Protege, so it is easy to browse the domain ontologies that your OWL-S services use.
  • Supports ALL properties of OWL-S.
  • Loads existing OWL-S descriptions, making it easy to get an overview of complicated service structures and process models.

This is an alpha release (Mozilla Public License) and more features and documentation are being developed.