Cabir bluetooth virus speads to USA

February 18th, 2005

The Cabir bluetooth virus has been reported found in the wild in the United States. Cabir originated in the Philippines and infects bluethooth enabled mobile phones and (maybe) other device running the Symbian operating system. F-Secure offers this description:

Cabir is a bluetooth using worm that runs in Symbian mobile phones that support Series 60 platform. Cabir replicates over bluetooth connections and arrives to phone messaging inbox as caribe.sis file what contains the worm. When user clicks the caribe.sis and chooses to install the Caribe.sis file the worm activates and starts looking for new devices to infect over bluetooth. When Cabir worm finds another bluetooth device it willstart sending infected SIS files to it, and lock to that phone so that it won’t look other phones even when the target moves out of range.