Yahoo sees research as key to success

August 5th, 2005

ZDNet has a good article, Yahoo’s new search master , on Yahoo’s plans to expand its research efforts that is based on an interview with Prabhakar Raghavan, the new head of Yahoo’s research group. Here’s an interesting quote from the article:

That future technology, according to Raghavan, is diving into the “deep Web” and semi-structured queries. “I hesitate to use the buzzword of ‘Semantic Web’ — but it is about entity extraction, XML queries, unstructured queries, semantic ambiguity. We have to build a view of the world. When you issue a query, it has richer view than a text index. We’ll start to see manifestations of this in five years.”

and another

Yahoo wants to turn its fragmented set of services, content and marketplaces into a cohesive whole and to aggregate, distribute and monetize the creative output of its users. “We have a plethora of opportunities looking at different social networks, such as blogs, instant messaging, My Web, Yahoo 360, and other services, across Yahoo properties,” Raghavan said. Yahoo’s social search engine My Web 2.0, for example, allows Yahoo users to archive, tag and annotate search results and share them with other people using the service. Users can also search their contacts’ My Web and browse content that others on Yahoo’s network have shared.

On a related note, DARPA IPTO Director Ron Brachman announced at AAAI last month that he will join Yahoo to direct world-wide research strategy.