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Information Age in 2014!

February 28th, 2006, by Amit, posted in Uncategorized

An amazing video on the Information Age in 2014 is available here!

Its an approx. 8 min video which explains the evolution and spread of the Google religion. The clash of the Titans – Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

With the blogger, friendster, amazon, google grid we are moving to a highly personalized news – views – reviews global information system.

Can we have a brainstorming session in one of our meeting on what each one of us thinks about the information age of 2014?

Not your usual Swoogle

February 26th, 2006, by Tim Finin, posted in Uncategorized

When we named our semantic web search engine Swoogle, we registered but none of the other Swoogle top level domains. A .org address seemed appropriate since we had no plans to commercialize Swoogle and also wanted to mostly use as the canonical URL for branding reasons. Well, we should have spent the extra $10 to secure A Google Alert just informed me of a new web site at devoted to “Adult clothing galleries for women’s erotic day & evening clothes, sexy bikinis & swimwear, erotic lingerie fashions, and sexy shoes & boots”.

Why Swoogle? Well their official name seems to be “Sexy Women’s Online Galleries for Lingere Etc”.

We live in a fallen world.

Anybody know a good trademark lawyer?

Everyone needs this ontology

February 24th, 2006, by Tim Finin, posted in Uncategorized

“Everyone needs this Ontology”. The subject flashed itself in my mail client. No sooner had it arrived than it was gone. “Everyone needs this Ontology”? What could it be and where did it go? Could the spam filter have eaten it? I looked in my spam bucket and there it was.

Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 06:15:21 +0500Message-Id: < CFE0.9A2.3081698B8C@ >From: “Jennifer Mansfield”To: ontology@cs.umbc.eduSubject:  Everyone Need This OntologyHuge selection of meds availableat attractive prices.Highest quality assured.Try us out today..http : //

Spire: Semantic Web for Ecoinformatics

February 24th, 2006, by Tim Finin, posted in Uncategorized

This presentation describes the SPIRE project, a distributed, interdisciplinary research project that is exploring how the Semantic Web can be used in Ecoinformatics. Several tools are described including the Swoogle Semantic Web search engine and ELVIS (the Ecosystem Location Visualization and Information System), a suite of tools for constructing food webs for a given location. The presentation shows how the SPIRE tools are used to answer queries against multiple Semantic Web documents in the course of building a food web model.


ACM Information Technology job offshoring study

February 24th, 2006, by Tim Finin, posted in Uncategorized

ACM published a study on the globalization and offshoring of software with several findings:

  • Globalization and offshoring of the software industry are deeply connected and both will continue to grow.
  • Offshoring can, as a whole, benefit both, but competition is intensifying.
  • Offshoring will increase but determining the specifics is difficult. Skepticism is warranted regarding claims about the number of jobs to be offshored and the projected growth of software industries in developing nations.
  • Standardized jobs are more easily moved to developing countries than are higher-skill jobs. While these standardized jobs were the initial focus of offshoring, global competition in higher-end skills, such as research is increasing today.
  • Offshoring magnifies existing risks and creates new and poorly understood threats to national security, business property and processes, and individuals’ privacy.
  • To stay competitive in a global IT environment and industry, countries must adopt policies that foster innovation.

The study concluded that predictions of job losses were greatly exaggerated and that 2-3% of the US IT jobs will go offshore annually over the next decade. But more jobs will be created than are lost in the future as long as US industry moves up the economic ladder to do higher-value work — typically, applying IT to other fields, like biology and business. Employment in the IT industry is higher today than it was at the peak of the dot-com bubble, despite the growth of offshore outsourcing in the last few years.

(spotted on the CRA policy blog)

ITtalks semantic web application demo (c. 2001)

February 23rd, 2006, by Tim Finin, posted in Uncategorized

Semantic Web research at UMBC began in 2000 when we (UMBC, JHU/APL and MIT/Sloan) were awarded a research contract under the DARPA DAML program. One theme of our award was to investigate the integration of software agents and DAML. That winter we began developing a research testbed application which was a portal with information about information technology talks. The result was the ITTALKS system, which you can see in this demo done in June 2001. We recently found it gathering dust on one of our servers and uploaded to Google Video, partly for posterity and partly to give Google Video a try.


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