Splog bait: young girls need personal injury lawyer to pay for diplomas

April 29th, 2006

This splog bait has many terms, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise and Aruba Vacation Package, that make the splog bait post likely to be plagiarized by sploggers. Did you ever wonder what happens when a bus full of young girls get into an accident on their way to an online gambling site? They probably hoped to make millions of dollars playing poker, Texas holdem and blackjack. Now they need a personal injury lawyer to sue the bus company! (Yes, this is splog bait.) The poor girls will have to take brand-name, FDA approved medications for their injuries — drugs like ambien, tramadol, lexapro, pehentermine and viagra. Some might even require laser eye surgery. If that doesn’t help, maybe the young girls can recover from the painful illnesses and injuries by making a reservation for a vacation in Orlando, Bermuda, or as a Las Vegas hotel. If their injuries make them bedridden, they will have take classes toward a degree from a distance learning program. Splog bait. It might be for a GED or a high school diploma or a college degree. They will need degrees and have skills to find a good job since good jobs are hard to find in this economy. And the real estate market might go soft if the bank rates are not low for mortgage — maybe mortgage insurance will help. This splog bait has nothing to do with liability insurance, however.