Computer Science 2.0

May 1st, 2006

ComputerWorld has a short article, Computer Science Looks for a Remake, in which a handful of US academics talk about how to make studying Computer Science more interesting and relevant to today’s students.

“MAY 01, 2006 (COMPUTERWORLD) – Two of the world’s premier facilities for research and education in computer science are celebrating big birthdays this spring. Stanford University’s CS department observed its 40th birthday in March, and Carnegie Mellon University’s school of CS passed the half-century mark last month.

Despite the celebrations on both campuses, there is a deep malaise in computer science these days. Professors bemoan falling enrollments, a decline in prestige and a lack of attention to real-world problems. But, paradoxically, they say the future of CS has never been brighter, both within the discipline and in fields that computer technology will increasingly influence. Computerworld’s Gary Anthes recently asked six CS professors what lies ahead for the field.”