Washington post launches Sponsored Blogroll program

August 18th, 2006

The Washington Post continues to be in the forefront of MSM publishers who are exploring how to incorporate blogs and other consumer generated content. Their latest effort is Sponsored Blogroll, a program in which selected bloggers are invited to partner with the Post. Here’s how they describe it.

“A link to members’ blogs will be featured in our Sponsored Blogroll index, giving your writing promotional space on the washingtonpost.com home page and giving you an introduction to an audience of 8 million readers monthly. At the same time, our hardworking sales reps will help connect your signature musings with the huge number of advertisers we deal with every day who are looking for the next big, slightly-outside-the-mainstream idea.”

The project was designed by Jeff Burkett at WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI) who announced the launch and discussed its motivation in his blog. Steve Rubel also blogs about the new program. What’s not clear, and apparently still undecided, is how the matching of ads to blogs will be done and how the finances will work for either advertisers or bloggers.

Having your blog listed on the Washington Post web site is an exciting idea, but today’s Sponsored Blogroll list looks rather weak.

WP Sponsored Blogroll 18 August 2006

Based on the blog titles, I’d have guessed they were splogs! That said, I think this is a great experiment and am interested to see how it evolves. Full disclosure: we just submitted a request to have our blog considered for inclusion in the program.