VCs see opportunities in Blogosphere

August 22nd, 2006 has an article, VCs see opportunity in blogosphere (also carried by CNET) on VCs investing in blog sites like Note that we are not talking about investments in Blogosphere infrastructure, but in content producing blogging sites.

I liked this quote from the article:

“We think the news of the future will look like The Huffington Post. It includes breaking news, instant commentary, blogs and community, with a comments section that can be almost like a miniblog.”

from Eric Hippeau, a managing partner of SoftBank Capital. The article points out that HuffingtonPost is already quite popular

“Statistics from’s Alexa Internet show that HuffingtonPost is nearing Salon and Slate in Web traffic.”

Of course, what’s new and exciting about the Blogosphere is that it gives us all a voice, or at least a chance for a voice. If it becomes dominated and controlled by mega, moneyed blogs like Huffington or Gawker’s blogs, then we’ve lost a good thing.