Bitacle continues to bask in Advertising Revenues

September 23rd, 2006

Imagine a television broadcaster generating advertisement revenues off stolen programs, thats what Bitacle is getting at, at the scale of the entire Blogosphere. This is just not acceptable.

Well we all love how search engines, aggregators and blog readers organize Web content, eventually directing users to the original source. Bitacle however creates a black hole around copied user content — once you are in, you are in. My concern (and the general debate on the blogosphere) is on their “aggregator” facility, which pulls together user posts and hosts advertisements. To make matters worse they also host new comment threads (gosh!), and this is ours, btw.

It appears that the debate starts with Ivan’s post on “Are Bitacle blog thieves too?”, as early as March 2006. Interestingly an employee from Bitacle has explanations!, in comments, and compares themselves with Google and Yahoo, for god’s sake!

The reason it’s that we don’t be only a blog search engine we are a “archive blog search engine” that it’s different concept.

One question: why you don’t ban Goolge, Yahoo or MSN? That search engines cache all your pages.

Bloggers are outraged, just titles speak for themselves –

All your blogs are belong to Bitacle
Bitacle: thieves now open for business in the 8th circle of hell (a good overview of the issue)
Why is bitacle stealing all our blogs??
Bitacle is Heisting My Content
Those Bastards!!(

As I write “Bitacle” is the 7th most searched keyword on Technorati today. Bitacle, totally unethical and unprofessional.

UPDATE: I notice their sitemap lists all plagiarized blogs.