Splogs in the Non-English Blogosphere

January 20th, 2007

We are conducting research on the nature and seriousness of the splog problem in the non-English blogosphere. As contextual advertisements and affiliate marketing become more profitable in these other languages, splogs are bound to infiltrate and pollute them. We suspect its already beginning to, in a limited way, and are interested in studying them.

From the research community, the only work related to non-English splogs is:

Detecting Blog Spams using the Vocabulary Size of All Substrings in Their Copies, by Kazuyuki Narisawa, Yasuhiro Yamada, Daisuke Ikeda and Masayuki Takeda
Most of this work is however based on synthetic data, not actual splogs.

We have also made attempts to see the existence of splogs by querying blog search engines using translated spammy(profitable) advertising contexts like insurance, vacations, loans etc. Cultural differences indicate that this might not be the way to go. True, we haven’t come across many splogs.

This is what prompts us to seek suggestions from the blogging and research community. If you know of this problem, have seen splogs in other languages, know of spammy non-English advertising contexts, and would like to contribute or collaborate please send either of us a note or comment below.

UPDATE: For our readers, Is this a splog in Japanese? http://diet.newstanding.com/hcm/vpb/