The I’s of the Blogosphere

February 25th, 2007

The token “I” (1, 2) can provide interesting cues on the Blogosphere, other than signifying the obvious personal nature of blog posts. “I” sometimes use it to study the growth of the blogosphere (between David Sifry reports ofcourse), or just for fun to see how frequently indices of blog search engines are updated and if any of them are in a “breather” mode.

Two charts on the distribution of “I” in blog posts, one from BlogPulse and the other from Technorati.

BlogPulse reports that around 45% of all postings feature an “I”. Technorati indexes around 400000 posts featuring “I” per day. Merging the two data points Technorati indexes around 900000 posts per day, or rather around 40000 posts per hour, a number which has seen no change for almost a year. Nothing new here, the English blogosphere has plateaued. What’s confusing is that this analysis does not correlate with David SIfry’s number from October 2006, with around 1.3 Million postings per day, putting off my analysis by around 50%. What am I missing here?

As an aside this brings to question the growth of blogs in non-US English speaking geographies, India for instance.

Of course the same analysis can be done with other keywords, but neither of them give the coverage , nor are they as temporally independent as “I”. Any other interesting uses of buzz charts?