Assignment Zero pairs Wired writers with citizen journalists

March 15th, 2007

Assignment Zero is an interesting experiment run collaboratively between NewAssignment.Net and Wired. The idea is to team up a professional journalist with citizen journalists for investigative stories. Media companies are all trying to figure out what they need to do to survive and thrive in the new information economy. Here’s another idea.

“Inspired by the open source movement, this is an attempt to bring journalists together with people in the public who can help cover a story. It’s a collaboration among NewAssignment.Net, Wired, and those who chose to participate.
     The investigation takes place in the open, not behind newsroom walls. Participation is voluntary; contributors are welcomed from across the Web. The people getting, telling and vetting the story are a mix of professional journalists and members of the public — also known as citizen journalists. This is a model I describe as “pro-am.”
     The “ams” are simply people getting together on their own time to contribute to a project in journalism that for their own reasons they support. The “pros” are journalists guiding and editing the story, setting standards, overseeing fact-checking, and publishing a final version.
     In this project, we’re trying to crowdsource a single story, and debut a site that makes other such reports possible down the road. But we don’t know yet how well our site and our methods work. Our ideas are crude because they are untested. By participating, you can help us figure this puzzle out. (source)

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