Oracle 11g to support some OWL inferencing

March 22nd, 2007

I noticed in Seth Ladd’s Semergence blog that the next version of Oracle’s RDF Database (11g) is expected to have native inferencing for a subset of OWL. This is in addition to faster querying and bulk-loading and “new SQL operators for enhancing a relational query using an ontology”. See this thread in Oracle’s Semantic Technologies Forum.

According to a recent presentation on 10g, the native OWL inferencing will include:

  • Basics: class, subclass, property, subproperty, domain,
    range, type
  • Property Characteristics: transitive, symmetric, functional, inverse functional, inverse
  • Class comparisons: equivalence, disjointness
  • Property comparisons: equivalence
  • Individual comparisons: same, different
  • Class expressions: complement

We’ve not yet tried 10g, but it’s on our short list of things to do. I guess this task just moved up in the list.