revisiting Xanadu project for copyright protection

April 26th, 2007

It is interesting that TBL mentioned the Xanadu project and a reference [1] in a discussion on handling copyright issues on the Web. The Xanadu project was well known as a pre-web hypertext system, and its infrastructure enables data integration and data provenance annotation.

The first public uses of “hypertext” may be attributed to Ted Nelson in 1965 [].
After that, the project Xanadu [2] was described in several notes in 1960s.
Xanadu organizes content (e.g. content, comments, revisions) as a network and offers the various UI designs (linked, expandable, zooming, hottext, dissection) for browsing such organized data.

Recommended Readings
[1] A presentation overviews Xanadu by comparing it with the Web.
[2] Xanadu homepage,