AI courses meet growing industry demands

May 19th, 2007

The British paper The Independent has a good article last week on the increasing need by industry for engineers who know AI concepts and techniques.

Artificial intelligence courses meet growing industry demands

Robots are being built to do our chores – and those who are creating them are already debating whether their rights should be recognized. Kate Hilpern reports

Most people don’t realize the extent to which AI is already used in our everyday lives, believes Browne. “For instance, AI is used in supermarkets to work out what products should be placed with other products, and whether certain products should be stacked vertically or horizontally. Companies invest a huge amount in AI in these kinds of ways to get people to spend a bit more money.” AI is also used to create robot technology to do things like construct our cars, clean our floors and even perform delicate microsurgery. Military and agricultural applications of AI are also on the rise and increasingly, AI is being used to assist disabled and elderly people. …

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