Knowledge representation language landscape

July 22nd, 2007

python-dlp is Chimezie Ogbuji’s open-source project to develop a “library of tools which aim to provide a coherent framework for DLP-based reasoning over RDF/N3 content”. It’s based on FuXi, a forward chaining production system for N3 Description Logic Programming.

“The premise is that Description Logic Programming (DLP) is the most robust Knowledge Representation abstract syntax for an axiomatic semantic web. It is the basis for the Rule Interchange Format (RIF) and Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL). Notation 3 (N3) is currently the most popular semantic rule language, and FuXi has demonstrated the ability and value in mapping N3 syntax to a RETE-UL network, for forward-chaining evaluation.”

The project web sites features a compact diagram, Geneology of FOL and LP that shows the relatiopnship between many of the different representation languages and their dialects. While not exactly a genealogy, which suggests who-begat-whom, it’s worth studying and understanding.