Face of Death Book

July 25th, 2007

Respectance launched yesterday as an “an interactive community for sharing memories” which many are characterizing as social networking for the dead. Mashable focused on the business end of things

“Respectance, which is unique among social networks since it’s dedicated to remembering those who have died, has taken $1.5 million in a series A funding in a round led by Solid Ventures and Big Bang Ventures. … With the MySpace, Bebo and Facebook pages of the dead already becoming shrines of a type – with friends leaving comments for the deceased – it’s an idea that may generate interest. Certainly, a “social network for the dead” has the kind of simple premise that the mainstream media can latch onto.”

Whereas CenterNetworks saw value in the finality of the customer base.

“Assuming the Internet isn’t going away anytime in the next 60 years, this type of site could be very valuable. A young child can learn about their grandparents from family and friends across the world.”

And Shelly Powers was appalled

“This is awful. This is awful, awful, awful.”

And back on the Respectance blog, the complaint was not about dead customers but a dead server.