IBM gift establishes UMBC Multicore Computing Center

August 25th, 2007

Cell processor
With support and collaboration from IBM, UMBC has established the UMBC Multicore Computing Center to investigate applications of new parallel processing technologies, including the Cell Broadband Engine (CBE) developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba. We will integrate 12 IBM BladeCenter QS20s, each with dual 3.2-GHz CBEs into our existing Bluegrit supercomputing cluster, which includes a a 116 core PowerPC cluster. The new processors will be connected by Gigabit Ethernet and 20-Gbit/second Infiniband links.

The new UMBC MC2 will be a supercomputing facility available to the entire UMBC campus as well as some external collaborators. It will managed by ebiquity faculty Milton Halem (Director) and Yelena Yesha (Associate Director). In the ebiquity lab, we plan on exploring how to exploit cell processors to dramatically speed up processing for scientific computing, processing semantic web data, analyzing social networks and text and data mining.