The XKCD data died in a blogging accident

January 13th, 2008

The popular XKCD had another Web related comic yesterday, but it trned out to be self-negating. As was noted on Slashdot:

“As I noted yesterday (and was joined by many others)… in an offhand observation xkcd has singlehandedly changed a small section of the Internet. Changing the results from a Google search for “Died in a Blogging Accident” from 2 to (at this writing) over 7,170 in a little more than 24 hours.”

The number of results are now up to 13.3K 66.1K (8/10/08). I guess something like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle applies to the Internet, too.

Update 1/15: Here’s a trend graph from blogpulse for occurrences of “died in a blogging accident” in blogs as of 09:00 gmt+5 on 15 January 2008. Click graph to see current data.

mentions of ‘died in a blogging accident’ in blogs as of 15 Jan 2008 09:00 gmt+5 via blogpulse

Update 1/16: Google trends shows a sudden interest in the dangers of blogging las week. Here’s a graph from 16 January 2008. Click on the graph to see the current trend graph.

Google searches as of 16 Jan 08 for ‘died in a blogging accident’