UMBC ebiquity shows your neighborhood news shows your neighborhood news

Tim Finin, 12:24am 25 January 2008 is another site that shows news, civic information and blogs posts relevant to a location. See the site for Catonsville MD, the area around UMBC for an example.

A VC blog calls this a hyperlocal site. (They are an investor). It’s similar to everyblock but it covers nearly 12,000 cities instead of three. The coverage, however, does not seem as deep.

They recognize the location of a blog posts as follows. A blogger registers he feed with and they monitor the posts. She geotags blog posts with the a location using one of four methods: (1) a link to a Google map with the location, (2) a blog category or tag that looks like a Zip code, (3) an inline text tag like or [where 1000 Hilltop Cir, Baltimore, MD 21250], or (4) geoRSS

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