Put cloud computing in your shopping cart

April 21st, 2008

Wired has a new article on Amazon’s Web Services, Cloud Computing. Available at Amazon.com Today.

“Click on “Amazon Web Services.” Key in your Amazon ID and password and behold: a data center’s worth of computing power carved into megabyte-sized chunks and wired straight to your desktop. Clones of that HP tower cost 10 cents per hour — 10 cents! — and they’re set to start spitting out widgets as soon as you upload the code. Virtual quad cores are a princely 80 cents an hour. Need storage? All you can eat for 15 cents per gigabyte per month. And there’s even a tool for monitoring your virtual stack with an iPhone. No precious cash tied up in soon-to-be-obsolete silicon, no 3 am runs to the colo cage. Outsource your infrastructure to Amazon!”

It’s expensive and a major hassle to keep a lab full of servers running, up to date and secure. As soon as you buy them they start becoming obsolete. This is a very attractive option.