Andrew Sullivan on why he blogs

October 19th, 2008

Andrew Sullivan has an article, Why I Blog, in the November issue of The Atlantic in which he talks about blogging and why he does it.

“From the first few days of using the form, I was hooked. The simple experience of being able to directly broadcast my own words to readers was an exhilarating literary liberation. Unlike the current generation of writers, who have only ever blogged, I knew firsthand what the alternative meant. I’d edited a weekly print magazine, The New Republic, for five years, and written countless columns and essays for a variety of traditional outlets. And in all this, I’d often chafed, as most writers do, at the endless delays, revisions, office politics, editorial fights, and last-minute cuts for space that dead-tree publishing entails. Blogging—even to an audience of a few hundred in the early days—was intoxicatingly free in comparison. Like taking a narcotic.”

Sullivan is a good writer and an early adopter of the blogging form. He is often controversial, unusually provocative, and worth reading.