Wikirage tracks whats hot on Wikipedia

December 30th, 2008

Wikirage is yet another way to track what’s happening in the world via changes in social media, in this case, Wikipedia. As the site suggests, “popular people in the news, the latest fads, and the hottest video games can be quickly identified by monitoring this social phenomenon.”

Wikirage lists the 100 Wikipedia pages that are being heavily edited over any of six time periods from the last hour to the last month. You can see the top 100 by your choice of six metrics: number of quality edits, unique editors, total edits, vandalism, reversions, or undos. Clicking on a result shows a monthly summary for the article, for example, December 2008 Gaza Strip airstrikes, which is at the top of today’s list for number of edits as I write. I understand the Gaza article, but what’s up with the Tasmanian tiger?

The interface has some other nice features, such as marking pages in red that have high revision, vandalism or undo rates and showing associated Wikipedia flags that indicating articles that need attention or don’t live up to standards. Wikirage is also available for the English, Japanese, Spanish, German and French language Wikipedias.

Wikirage was developed by Craig Wood and is a nicely done system.

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