Warning: Google thinks every site may harm your computer

January 31st, 2009

The Google has flipped out. Starting a few minutes ago when I try to click on any Google search result, I am shown the Google malware page. The one below was the result when I tried to click through to http://google.com/, the first result for searching for “google”. It is obviously an error in Google’s software and one that surely will be fixed shortly, if it has not been fixed already. Since Google is highly distributed, it’s possible that only some of their sites are in error.

Once you get the “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!” page, the only way to continue on to the page is by manually selecting the text of the URL from the warning page and pasting it into your browser’s URL field.

Through experimentation, the problem exists for the deafult search service as well as image search but not for searchers over blogs, news, video, scholarly papers or shopping.

I suppose this could be the world’s safest CYA disclaimer, but if so they may as well add Do not taunt happy fun ball.

Update: This seems to have been fixed around 10:15am GMT-5.

Update 2: Here is Google’s post about the problem.