Grundke on the Dalhousie Bachelor of Informatics program

March 10th, 2009

In this week’s ebiquity meeting (10am Wed 3/11) Ernst Grundke of Dalhousie University will talk on ‘Dalhousie’s Bachelor of Informatics: Rethinking Curriculum and Delivery’. We’ll stream the talk live at

Abstract: Dalhousie University has offered a new Bachelor of Informatics degree since 2006. This program is a response to changes in the IT workplace and predicted shortages in the IT workforce. The program features integration across disciplines, project teams composed of students from all years of study, attention to communication skills in all student work, project management, explicit professional development, a collegial homeroom environment, and mandatory cooperative education terms. This presentation describes the goals, the structure, the curriculum, and the delivery of the program. Although this is a program based in computer science, the concepts are also applicable to engineering education.