FIm classic Metropolis opens tonight in Baltimore

June 11th, 2010

The newly restored complete version of Metropolis opens tonight the Senator Theater for a one-week run. If you like movies about robots, or dystopian futures or just like classic fims that made a difference, it is well worth seeing.

Baltimore is lucky to be one of about ten cities in the US screening it this summer and the only one on the east coast outside of Boston. From the Baltimore Sun

“This “complete” version of Lang’s silent sci-fi extravaganza restores all of its subplots and nearly all of its surging imagery. With Gottfried Huppertz’s soaring romantic score heard in full for the first time, “Metropolis” offers an engulfing audiovisual experience. It leaves you shaking your head in wonder and disbelief.

Those new to the film can sit back and be overwhelmed. Those who’ve seen it have the additional pleasure of watching a puzzle solved before your eyes. Roughly 25 minutes longer than the 2002 version, this print of “Metropolis” uses footage from a 16-millimeter dupe negative found in Buenos Aires to fill in some major bits and pieces — and some minor ones.

You can tell the 16-mm footage from the drop in picture quality. But the effect is thrilling, not jarring. This print combines the ecstasy of seeing a peak accomplishment in pristine form with the frisson movie-lovers get from viewing films as artifacts of their time, aging the way gardens or buildings do.”