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Test drive a (free) Google Chrome-48 notebook

Test drive a (free) Google Chrome-48 notebook

Tim Finin, 11:16pm 7 December 2010

Google is looking for some people who “Live on the Web” to take part in a pilot program for their new Chrome-48 notebook. If you are accepted, you get a free Chrome notebook in return for providing feedback.

“We have a limited number of Chrome notebooks to distribute, and we need to ensure that they find good homes. That’s where you come in. Everything is still very much a work in progress, and it’s users, like you, that often give us our best ideas about what feels clunky or what’s missing. So if you live in the United States, are at least 18 years old, and would like to be considered for our small Pilot program, please fill this out. It should take about 15 minutes. We’ll review the requests that come in and contact you if you’ve been selected. This application will be open until 11:59:59 PM PST on December 21, 2010.”

The Cr-48’s features are said to include:

  • 12-inch display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and 3G service via Verizon
  • Full-sized keyboard w/o function keys
  • Oversized clickable touchpad
  • ~3.8 pounds
  • Solid state hard drive
  • Eight hours of active usage with a week of standby power

See Google Chrome OS site for details and to apply.

16 Responses to “Test drive a (free) Google Chrome-48 notebook”

  1. Billie Poland Says:

    I am a business owner by day and a nursing student by night, so I am constantly on the computer throughout my day!

  2. paul dobmeier Says: hi send me a free googel chrome not book :O) paul

  3. fazina hosein Says:

    i heard from a friend about your site and the test drive i would like to be in on it !!!!!!!!

  4. fazina hosein Says:

    how do i get a (free) Google Chrome-48 notebook?

  5. farida eashak hosein Says:

    would love to be in your program !!!!!!

  6. Jean Godwin Says:

    I am totally not a computer nerd, I’m a 62 y.o. retired nurse practitioner. I spend a lot of time on swagbucks, facebook and email – shopping and doing offers and surveys to supplement my income and to provide socialization. If I had a better computer, I would b e doing at least one blog from home, and also writing for money – professional articles and just general freelance things as could be found. I hope that you’re looking for all types of people, not just upper level computer users, looking for people who would be new at changing over to a different piece of equipment and software and would want our input as well. I would provide good input as well as good assessment of situations, problems and solutions. I hope you will consider me for the computer. Thank you . Jean Godwin, RN,, MSN, GNP

  7. John Happach Says:

    I\Looks interesting

  8. John Happach Says:

    Looks interesting

  9. Barbara Guthrie Says:

    I am interested in a new free google chrome note book i have had a old computer now 14 years and I have pushed it to the limits so slow never pull up what I am looking for in a quick fashion I hope I will be one of teh lucky people to receive one but sounds to good to be true I am disabled so I love to serch the web and check out special offers I hope I am a lucky person but I have never won anything so I was just hopeing Thank you

  10. song heng Says:

    i would like to try a fast internet explorer that was made by goodle.
    i want the speed and the reliabity of a explorer.

  11. erica tucker Says:

    I would love to try one of these out for you. I most certainly will let you know what I think of it. Thank you for considering me!

  12. Craig Harwell Says:

    I love all things Google!

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  14. ashish chaudhari Says:

    Would like the chance to test a Cr-48

  15. Vente d'Or Says:

    I’ve read in the Google forums that a few problems have been found already.
    For example very low WiFi speed, even slower than 3G connection.
    Hope they fix everything before launching and it becomes a great product.

  16. Ester howard Says:

    I live in the web. send me one please!