Microdata and RDFa

June 3rd, 2011

The Semantic Web community is still unsure what to think of the microdata.

The schema.rdfs.org provides static RDFS documents of the schema.org terms in RDF serialized in turtle, XML and ntriples as well as in JSON.

Mike Bergman argues that the microdata effort will also boost RDF.

Yahoo!’s Peter Mika is still a RDFa fan, but also has a pragmatic appreciation for the agreement of the big three search companies on a standard for semantic data.

“Given the above history, I’m extremely glad that cooperation prevailed in the end and hopefully schema.org will become a central point for vocabularies for the Semantic Web for a long time to come. Note that it will almost certainly not be the only one. schema.org covers the core interests of search providers, i.e. the stuff that people search for the most (hence the somewhat awkward term ‘search vocabularies’). As the simple needs are the most common in search logs, this includes things like addresses of businesses, reviews and recipes. schema.org will hopefully evolve with extensions over time but it may never cover complex domains such as biotechnology, e-government or others where people have been using Semantic Web technology with success.”