Wikidata article in CACM

October 12th, 2014


I just noticed that Denny Vrandecic and Markus Krötzsch have an article on Wikidata in the latest CACM. Good work! Even better, it’s available without subscription.

Wikidata: a free collaborative knowledgebase, Denny Vrandecic and Markus Krötzsch, Communications of the ACM, v57, n10 (2014), pp 78-85.

“This collaboratively edited knowledgebase provides a common source of data for Wikipedia, and everyone else.

Unnoticed by most of its readers, Wikipedia continues to undergo dramatic changes, as its sister project Wikidata introduces a new multilingual “Wikipedia for data” ( to manage the factual information of the popular online encyclopedia. With Wikipedia’s data becoming cleaned and integrated in a single location, opportunities arise for many new applications.”

Responsive design with Twitter Bootstrap: a tutorial and demonstration

October 11th, 2014

In this week’s ebiquity meeting (10am Wed. Oct. 15 in ITE346), Abhay Kashyap will give a tutorial and demonstration of responsive web design using Twitter Bootstrap. A draft of the slides is available.

Does your webpage look like its from the 90’s? Does it scale well on mobile devices or do you have to finger skate on your the mobile device to navigate the page? Or worse! Do you still not have a personal portfolio page? If the answer is yes, then its time create or update your webpage! With a front end framework like Twitter Bootstrap, you can make a quick upgrade to beautiful, modern and most importantly responsive design for your portfolio page.

The presentation will start with a brief overview of responsive design and Twitter Bootstrap and then continue with a live demonstration. We will download a Bootstrap starter template, customize the theme and content, build a static portfolio page and host it on a UMBC server.

Disclaimer: The presenter is a front end noob and will very likely look like a deer in headlights when confronted with advanced css/js questions.