UMBC ebiquity

Mailing list

We have a mailing list for the group that we use for announcements. You can subscribe to the mailing list online and also manage an exisiting subscription. The list has 1-5 messages a week and archives are available.


The UMBC ebiquity Research Group is grateful to the organizations and groups that sponsor our research and activities through research contracts, grants, gifts and services. We knowledge this important support in our UMBC ebiquity sponsors page.


Visits and page views


The ebiquity group maintains a number of ontologies, including the RGB ontologies used in publishing our we site. Many of the newer general ontologies can be found here. Ontologies that have been entered as resources are here.


Many presentations are linked to papers and events. Some additional ones are here.

Software and services

We make available and support, to some degree, a number of software systems and services. These include

Related labs

We collaborate closely with a number of other labs at UMBC, including the following.