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Sudip Mittal
Grad Student 

Primary Role:Ph.D. Student


Department: CSEE


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8 Refereed Publications


1. Karuna Pande Joshi et al., "Semantic Approach to Automating Management of Big Data Privacy Policies", InProceedings, IEEE BigData 2016, November 2016, 304 downloads.

2. Karuna Pande Joshi et al., "ALDA : Cognitive Assistant for Legal Document Analytics", InProceedings, AAAI Fall Symposium 2016, September 2016, 237 downloads.

3. Sandeep Nair et al., "Using Semantic Technologies to Mine Vehicular Context for Security", InProceedings, 37th IEEE Sarnoff Symposium (2016), September 2016, 180 downloads.

4. Sudip Mittal et al., "CyberTwitter: Using Twitter to generate alerts for Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities", InProceedings, International Symposium on Foundations of Open Source Intelligence and Security Informatics, August 2016, 608 downloads.

5. Aditi Gupta et al., "Streamlining Management of Multiple Cloud Services", InProceedings, IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing, June 2016, 295 downloads.

6. Sandeep Nair et al., "OBD SecureAlert: An Anomaly Detection System for Vehicles", InProceedings, IEEE Workshop on Smart Service Systems (SmartSys 2016), May 2016, 236 downloads.

7. Sudip Mittal et al., "Automatic Extraction of Metrics from SLAs for Cloud Service Management", InProceedings, 2016 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E 2016), April 2016, 301 downloads.


8. Sudip Mittal et al., "Parallelizing Natural Language Techniques for Knowledge Extraction from Cloud Service Level Agreements", InProceedings, 2015 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, October 2015, 299 downloads.

1 Non-Refereed Publication


1. Sandeep Nair et al., "Using Data Analytics to Detect Anomalous States in Vehicles", TechReport, , December 2015, 248 downloads.


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Active Project

 ALDA: Automated Legal Document Analytics, Ph.D. Student.