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Status: Past project

Project Description:
Identifying topics and concepts associated with a set of documents is a task common to many applications. It can help in the annotation and categorization of documents and be used to model a person's current interests for improving search results, business intelligence or selecting appropriate advertisements. We are investigating the use of Wikipedia's articles and associated pages as a topic ontology for this purpose. The benefits of the approach are that the ontology terms are developed through a social process, maintained and kept current by the Wikipedia community, represent a consensus view, and have meaning that can be understood by reading the associated pages. We have demonstrated the use of Wikitology to improve the performance of an information retrieval system and as a source of evidence in a intra-document entity co-reference task.

Start Date: October 2007

End Date: August 2010

Principal Investigator:
Anupam Joshi

Zareen Syed

Tags: semantic web, information retrieval, wikipedia


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5 Refereed Publications


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1 Non-Refereed Publication


1. Zareen Syed et al., "Wikitology: Using Wikipedia as an Ontology", TechReport, , February 2008, 4216 downloads.


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1. Wikipedia as an ontology, Poster.

2. Wikitology: Wikipedia as an ontology, Presentation.


Research Areas:
 Information retrieval
 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
 Language technology
 Semantic Web
 Social media