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4 Refereed Publications


1. "Service Composition for Mobile Environments", Journal on Mobile Networking and Applications, Special Issue on Mobile Services, January 2005, 3530 downloads, 67 citations.


2. "A Distributed Service Composition Protocol for Pervasive Environments", Wireless Communcations and Networking Conference (WCNC), March 2004, 2730 downloads, 22 citations.


3. "A Planner for Composing Services Described in DAML-S", Proceedings of the AAMAS Workshop on Web Services and Agent-based Engineering,, June 2003, 2095 downloads, 159 citations.


4. "A Reactive Service Composition Architecture for Pervasive Computing Environments", Seventh Personal Wireless Communications Conference (PWC 2002), October 2002, 3615 downloads, 82 citations.


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