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Past Project

 Anamika: Distributed Service Discovery and Composition for Pervasive Environments.


9 Refereed Publications


1. "Integrating service discovery with routing and session management for ad-hoc networks", Ad Hoc Networks, March 2006, 26 citations.


2. "Service Composition for Mobile Environments", Journal on Mobile Networking and Applications, Special Issue on Mobile Services, January 2005, 3503 downloads, 67 citations.


3. "Towards Distributed Service Discovery in Pervasive Computing Environments", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, July 2004, 2927 downloads, 29 citations.


4. "Allia: Alliance-based Service Discovery for Ad-Hoc Environments", ACM Mobile Commerce Workshop, September 2002, 2605 downloads, 132 citations.

5. "GSD: A Novel Group-based Service Discovery Protocol for MANETs", 4th IEEE Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks (MWCN), September 2002, 3349 downloads, 218 citations.


6. "Agents2Go: An Infrastructure for Location-Dependent Service Discovery in the Mobile Electronic Commerce Environment", ACM Mobile Commerce Workshop, July 2001, 4397 downloads, 39 citations.

7. "Dynamic Service Discovery for Mobile Computing: Intelligent Agents Meet Jini in the Aether", Cluster Computing, February 2001, 3028 downloads, 69 citations.


8. "Service Discovery in the Future Electronic Market", Workshop on Knowledge-based Electronic Markets, AAAI-2000, July 2000, 2016 downloads, 30 citations.


9. "Service Discovery in The Future for Mobile Commerce", ACM Crossroads, November 1999, 2517 downloads, 47 citations.

1 Non-Refereed Publication


1. "Towards Distributed Service Discovery in Pervasive Computing Environments", Submitted to IEEE TMC Technical Report TR-CS-03-26, June 2003, 2752 downloads.


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