Semantic Web in Medical Diagnosis

November 19th, 2004

Reported by News-Medical.Net

“UK scientists have designed a knowledge management system which could enable medical practitioners to make speedy, informed decisions about breast cancer patients. The project pulls together information which was previously held in separate locations and it has the potential to revolutionise patient diagnosis and management.”

This is work by the MIAKT project (Medical Imaging with Advanced Knowledge Technologies). The story further reports —

“The system uses Semantic web technologies, enabling information from X-ray mammograms, MRI images, biopsy results and data from the clinician to be made available …. Semantic web technologies allow information to be linked in such a way that it can be easily processed by machines. Practitioners can then view different types of images and scans, call up patient information, and automatically generate reports. It is also possible to investigate, annotate and analyse the data using web and Grid services.”

Analyzing data intelligently is the key.