Swoogle’s cheat sheet

February 23rd, 2005

Swoogle’s Cheat Sheet has just been added to our Swoogle website. It’s a list of syntaxes you can use with Swoogle’s search engine, along with some other interesting services, such as Ontology Dictionary, Swoogle Statistics, and Swoogle’s RDF Site Map. This cheat sheet could be printed in two pages, but the orientation has to be landscape.

Here are something that you may be unfamiliar with:

  • [..] in vocabulary search: Search "[cat]" for all terms of "cat";search "[cat" for all terms with "cat>" as a prefix in localname, such as "category";search "cat]" for with "cat" as a suffix in localname, such as "Domestic_cat".
  • ns: in document search: search document by the namespaces it used. We already have a previous description for this.
  • Swoogle’s RDF Site Map: Search for website and its hosting RDF documents with HTML and RDF output.