OWL Pizzas

March 24th, 2005

Here’s an interesting paper out of Machester on problems common in teaching OWL-DL and how to overcome them:

Alan Rector, et al., OWL Pizzas: Practical Experience of Teaching OWL-DL: Common Errors and Common Patterns, in E Motta and N Shadbolt, et al. (eds) Proceedings of the European Conference on Knowledge Acquistion, Northampton, England, 2004, Lecture Notes on Computer Science LNAI3257, Springer-Verlag.pp 63-81. Abstract: Understanding the logical meaning of any description logic or similar formalism is difficult for most people, and OWL-DL is no exception. This paper presents the most common difficulties encountered by newcomers to the language, that have been observed during the course of more than a dozen workshops, tutorials and modules about OWL-DL and its predecessor languages. …

Alan Rector also has presentation slides, too (ppt and pdf). Of course, this should also useful if you have difficulty in learning OWL-DL, too.