Agent reputation and trust testbed

May 4th, 2005

Plans are underway for a trust competition testbed focused on agents and trust. The testbed details are still being discussed and developed and should be finalized and released in Jully 2005, with the first competition to be held in Jully 2006. A paper that describes the current plans for the testbed is

Karen K. Fullam, et al., A Specification of the Agent Reputation and Trust (ART) Testbed: Experimentation and Competition for Trust in Agent Societies, submitted, 2005.

The testbed is intended to “challenge researchers to solve the most prominent problems in the field” by uniting rearchers to work on a “common challenge, out of which can come solutions to these goals via unified experimentation methods.” It is hoped that it will “foster a cohesive scoping of trust research problems, as well as metrics by which to measure the success of technologies in reaching those objectives” as well as “place trust research in the public spotlight, proving the validity of successful research, improving confidence in the technology, and highlighting relevant applications”.