Blog spam considered dangerous

August 21st, 2005

Spam blogs (splogs) and spam comment on blogs are a growing problem. Most splogs seem to be hosted by blogger, which made it easy to automatically generate and populate them. Comment spam is a bane to all. Now Google is introducing some features to fight this, including a too to require word verification for comments and a flag as objectionable feature on the blogger Navbar that could be used to slam splogs. However, including the Navbar is optional on blogger blogs and it remains to be seen if such a reputation based scheme will work in this environment outside the lab. Spammers might try to defeat it with false accusations against good blogs if they can manage to have them come from many IP addresses. (via Slashdot)

We think there will be lots of research opportunities here as spammers continue to adapt and evolve their techniques to counter each new anti-spam measure. We’re developing a new project to study and model the structure and content of blogs with just one application being to recognize spogs and comment spam.