Will your Blackberry work in Heaven?

November 13th, 2005

The Financial Times has a good article on the way mobile communications is changing modern life. The long articlew covers wifi, mobile phones and a lot more and looks at their impact around the world.

Mobility Special: Plugged into it all
By Richard Waters, Financial Times, 11 Nov2005

Tools such as e-mail and instant messaging may have been around since the dawn of the internet era, but it has taken a wireless communications revolution to turn them into a constant and inescapable fact of life for a growing part of the population. WiFi networks – a low-cost technology that can beam large chunks of data over short distances using part of the radio spectrum that was previously the preserve of gadgets such as garage door openers and baby monitors – assure the digitally addicted of a permanent and ubiquitous connection to the wider world. At the same time, more versatile mobile phones have turned text messages into the communications tool of choice for teenagers in Asia and Europe, if not yet the US, while also bringing e-mail to many handsets. For those in the grip of these new networks, life has changed. There’s no such thing as solitude any more, no fragment of time that cannot be filled with digital chatter

A common observation is that the things people seem to enjoy most (e.g., food, drink, sex) are not envisioned as part of Heaven. I guess we shouldn’t expect wifi or good mobile phone coverage there either.