RSS extensions by Google Base

November 16th, 2005

Google Base provides users the ability of bulk uploads. To enable this Google has defined some extensions to syndication feeds.

To facilitate the addition of more detailed information we extended RSS 1.0 by creating a module defined in a Google Base namespace. The namespace defines a list of attributes that can be used to increase the amount of information provided for an item in a bulk upload.

Information about all attributes is available here. Some interesting observations from their RSS 1.0 extension

  • Google has defined a new namespace ( to support these attributes. Are we seeing the first formal adoption of Semantic Web concepts (by Google) here?
  • Google Base let’s users create new schemas (attributes). For instance, an example from Google Base shows how “language_skills” attribute can be added to a job opening description. I wonder how these new namespaces are ingested by Google Base?

[EDIT] More discussion on Google Base and Semantic Web by Danny, Shelly and many others(here and here)