December 4th, 2005

I heard a report on 411-Song on NPR this morning and it’s a clever idea and an impressive technical accomplishment (I think, anyway).

“How many times have you heard a song and wished you knew who it was or wished you could get it before you forget it? Now you can, just call (866) 411-SONG, here’s how: * Hear a song you love; * Call (866) 411-SONG; * Wait for the beep and hold your cell near the music for just 15 seconds; * We identify the song and send you a text with all the song info (artist and song name) and a link to GET it.”

They claim a database of 2.5M songs with a focus on pop rather than classical, jazz or fringe music. You can try it for free, but after that it’s $.99 a song or $3.99 a month for all you can eat.

NMK, the company behind 411-song, has licensed the proprietary audio recognition technology from Shazam, which offers a similar service in the UK and some other countries.

I wonder how long it will be before the Google offers such a service?