Talk Digger tracks blog conversations

December 24th, 2005

Talk Digger “helps users to find, follow and join conversations evolving on the Internet.” Put in a URL and it queries nine different search engines to find blog posts and othe pages that reference the page. It’s a nicely done, useful web application developed by by Frédérick Giasson. But here’s the most interesting part, at least from my point of view:

“What is the future of Talk Digger? It will evolve as a web service that will broadcast its results in RDF or even OWL. It would be the first step to do to enter Talk Digger into the Semantic Web age. Talk Digger will eventually have some sort of semantic analyzing capabilities and being able to use them on found conversations to clarify and optimize the returned results. It will then be able to semantically analyze conversations (I will not say more than that for the moment) and make the results of these computations available and understandable by other RDF/OWL reasonners and web applications. So, what is the future of Talk Digger? I hope it is the Semantic Web.”