Large RDF and OWL documents on the Semantic Web

January 26th, 2006

Recently Cláudio Fernandes asked on several semantic web mailing lists

“Can someone point me to some huge owl/rdf files? I’m writing a owl parser with different tools, and I’d like to benchmark them all with some really really big files.”

I just ran some queries over Swoogle’s collection of 850K RDF documents collected from the web. Here are the 100 largest RDF documents and OWL documents, respectively. Document size was measured in terms of the number of triples. For this query, a document was considered to be an OWL document if it used a namespace that contained the string OWL.

Curently, the version of Swoogle you get by going to is Swoogle 2. Its database has been trapped in amber since last summer, when it was corrupted, preventing us from adding new data. We put our efforts into a reimplementation, Swoogle 3, which will be released early next week. The data reported here is from Swoogle 3’s database.