No web 2.0 site left behind

January 27th, 2006

Harry Chen blogs about Web 2.0 Validator, an automated web tool that determines how 2.0ish your Web site is based on a set of Web 2.0 characteristics. While Harry reports that his site only scored 11, it now scores 31! No, I don’t think he’s just been studying for the test so he could retake it. It appears due to Harry’s post on Web 2.0 Validator — just talking about Web 2.0 Validator makes your site seem to be a Web 2.0 site to Web 2.0 Validator. Or maybe this is related to Russell’s paradox, somehow.

Anyway, this post should help raise our own Web 2.0 factor a bit, even though the site is not in public beta, uses PHP and not Python, and we don’t really mention mash-ups, startups, Less is More, Dave Legg, the Web 2.0 Validator’s ruleset, Flickr, VC, VCs, Nitro, Firefox, Ruby, links to slashdot, or uses the blink tag.