coComment tracks blog conversations

February 5th, 2006

coComment is a free service to help keep track of comment-based conversations on the blogosphere. After registering, you add their bookmarklet to you browser. When making a comment on a blog using any of the most common platforms (e.g., WordPress, blogger), you first click on the bookmarklet, and then submit your comment. The bookmarklet sends a copy of your comment to coComment which adds it to their database, along with the context. The result is that you can visit their page and see the comments you’ve made and can also add some code to your own blog(s) to show recent comments. Here’s what it should look like:

One thing that’s missing, IMHO, is the ability to register your comments with several IDs. I’d like to have my personal ID, but also define it as part of a group ebiquity ID. We could put code to link the ebiquity group ID comments on our ebiquity group blog.

Btw — to sign up you need an invitation code. To get an invitation code, just enter your email address to be notified when one is available. You may get it almost immediately in email, like I did.