Most discussed blog post of all time

March 15th, 2006

A question occured to me when going through Tim Berners-Lee’s blog. TimBL’s first post has 455 comments (at which point comments were turned off) and 200 citations/inlinks (make that 201!) per Technorati. I could not figure the top posts for any of Steve Rubel’s, Scoble’s or Om Malik’s blogs — tech blogs I regularly follow, and possible candidates for the top cited post of all time. So here’s my primary question:

What is the most discussed blog post of all time — comments, inlinks combined?

Understandably, blog search engines are still not capable of indexing and analyzing comments. With the current capabilities, listing the most cited blog posts of all time (on a single page) based on inlinks would surely be feasible, and interesting. Top posts aggregated over authors would be a great complement. Though some might argue that these features are not all that important for the blogosphere, it will still help in understanding what makes the best and most useful blog posts, similar to how we (graduate students!) in academics use top cited papers, both as an insipiration and a guide to work on topics that make a difference. BlogPulse seems to have something close — top blogs for the day — but nothing aggregating them over time or author. Any other answers?