Photo sharing made easy

April 5th, 2006

While in California, I had the opportunity to meet Adam Rosien (my mentor from PARC) who now works at Sharpcast, a SharpcastPalo Alto based startup. They have a really cool product that lets you instantly share photos across multiple devices. Adam took a few pictures from his cell phone and these were directly available on the web and on his desktop through Sharpcast photos. You can also share the photos with your buddy list. The really neat thing about their product is that it is amazingly simple to use. I hope that they would be offering an API for developers to create more tools around this. For example it would be really useful to combine image annotations tools like PhotoStuff from Mindswap lab with Sharpcast. Another idea would be to export the image properties in RDF and develop a photo search tool like Alexa’s Camera Image Search.