Google News clouds write the stories

May 9th, 2006

Google News Cloud is an experimental site that shows a clowd of tags associated with articles from Google News. The developer, Fernando Serboncini, doesn’t say what techniques he uses to assigns tags to stories, but he does have an interesting interface. When you hover over a tag, it is highlighted along with all of the related tags, i.e., other taqs that appear with it in at least one story. It is surprising how well seeing the set of highlighted tags gives you an instant sense of the stories. The stories almost write themselves, a bit badly, perhaps, but you quickly get an idea of what’s going on.

hover over and see all of these tags
africa south Africa president jacob Zuma rape
blair UK Tony Blair Iran Labour Iran Brown
fbi FBI most wanted polygamist leader
Cruise Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman mission impossible still box office
bird movie us bird flu fatal contact